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Aug 20 2014

Mary Jemison Boat Retires

Corn Hill Navigation’s Board of Directors has announced that it is retiring the historic Mary Jemison boat out of downtown Rochester after eight seasons of service on the Erie Canal and its Genesee River Extension.  Approximately 60,000 passengers from the Rochester Region and around the world have discovered and enjoyed the Erie Canal on the Mary Jemison since her 2005 launch.


The vessel known today as the Mary Jemison was originally named the Virginia Estelle and built in 1931 as a buy boat – a large durable engine-propelled vessel common on the Chesapeake Bay during the first half of the 20th century.  She was constructed in Deltaville Virginia by Linwood Price, a prolific and highly regarded builder of wooden-deck bay buy boats.  Virginia Estelle worked out of the “Seafood Capital of the World” Crisfield Maryland, a location famous for its oyster beds.  Such a boat bought daily oyster catches from fisherman and hauled it’s cargo to packing houses and markets on the bay.  It carried produce, grain and other freight during the off-season.  In the mid-1940’s,  Virginia Estelle began operating out of the seafood cities of Wilmington, Delaware and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as a freight boat for mid-Atlantic mackerel fisheries.

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Aug 17 2014


Boating in Greenport

If you’re looking for one of the best boating towns on LI, Greenport should be near the top of the list.  While considering moving our boat from the Finger Lakes back to Long Island due to my wife’s job change, it was suggested that we take a look at Greenport.  It was late June before my wife and I had the opportunity to visit the village and while not being a big fan of traffic and crowds, I reluctantly agreed to travel there on a Sat.

Was I pleasantly surprised when we arrived, first off no traffic, no problem finding a parking spot, and no crowds, not what I was expecting,  Our boating experience in the Erie Canal/Finger lakes area is similar in a lot of ways to what we found in Greenport.  A small village atmosphere, lots of restaurants convenient to the waterfront, plenty of shops to keep the wife happy and lots of boating amenities.

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Aug 09 2014

NY Boater is proud to partner with Old Boats Buffalo for their annual Boat Show

If you’re going to be anywhere near Buffalo on the weekend of Sept. 6th,  plan on visiting the Buffalo Launch Club for Old Boats Buffalo’s annual boat show.  The theme for this year’s show is “Glory Days” as they look back in time to the days when the Buffalo Launch Club hosted Unlimited Hydroplanes churning up the waters on the historic BLC Course.  Jay Armstrong with the Miss US IV, Dick Higgons with the Miss Budweiser have already committed to attend.  Bill Black will be there after she performed well in  her two early season outings at Madison and Detroit. 

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Aug 07 2014

Ahoy Tax Pirates

That was the headline in a recent article in Newsday on Long Island.  Long Island waters will become more taxing this summer for some boaters who dock in New York while trying to evade NYS sales tax.

That’s the promise from the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance officials.  They believe the Empire State is being cheated out of millions of dollars a year.  Tax collectors are trolling Long Island docks targeting boaters who buy boats in states with lower sales tax rates then dock them in New York’s waters.

Not only are NY’s tax officials looking for boats that are registered out of state, but they have also been walking the docks in the upstate region as well.  I recently heard of a situation where a boater in upstate NY received a letter from the NYS Dept. of taxation and finance challenging the amount of sales tax paid on a boat.  The revenue agent had actually taken the registration numbers off the boat and had a hand drawn picture of the back of the boat showing the boat’s name in the file.  The boater reported that the case had been settled after a notarized letter from the seller of the boat had been provided declaring the actual price paid for the boat.

Jul 15 2014

Did you notice the name change?

It might be subtle, but we feel it was an important step in the growth of the site.  The NY Boating Club web site was designed, built and still is a social network for the NYS Boater.  Within the site you as a member have the ability to create a profile page, post pictures, connect with other members, join in on forums and create and join groups.  The change to  was made only to create more awareness to the overall site.  Our mission has always been to create the most comprehensive online resource for the NYS Boater.  In addition to having all the social networking tools available within the site, we also aim to build the largest selection of used boats for sale within NYS as well as providing stories about boating destinations around the state and information that affects all of us as boaters within NY. 

New-York-Boater-Dot-Com-LogoWe are already the largest community of boaters within NYS, and as we continue to grow, our efforts are directed to offering the boating industry the ability to connect with you the NYS Boater.  You will begin to see more discounts on services and products that are offered by the industry. There will be a series of articles about local marine related businesses that serve you the NYS Boater.  Most importantly we want your feedback.  Whether you utilize the forum section or send us an e-mail, what makes this site great is you the member, so spread the word, like us on facebook, follow us on twitter and linkedin,  and if you have the opportunity, spend as much time on the water as possible!

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